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Checklify – online tool that let you delete personal information from various data brokers. Checklify is an automated system that scans the most popular data brokers sites and lets you to remove your name and your personal information from it. Online privacy has become a huge issue nowadays, especially after major data breaches by social network giant and major online marketing corporations. In 2018 alone, over 400 millions private accounts were leaked because of these breaches. A lot of people now are looking to remove their private information from the internet. It’s not a good idea anymore to fully rely on online service providers.

Checklify constantly monitors data brokers activity so you don’t have to. Over 100 data brokers are being checked daily to see if your information has appeared at one of them. Once your name pops up on any of these sites, our automated system submits request to remove this data from a broker database. There is a chance that the same broker would gather your information once again from another source so it’s important to check everything on a regular basis.

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"Just Don’t Call It Privacy"

By Natasha Singer Sept. 22, 2018 Ms. Singer is a technology reporter at The New York Times.

"Online privacy fears are real. More people are tracking you than you think"

By Bob Sullivan Dec. 6, 2017 msnbc.com

"Facebook Security Breach Exposes Accounts of 50 Million Users"

By Mike Isaac and Sheera Frenkel Sept. 28, 2018 Mike Isaac and Sheera Frenkel are the reporters at The New York Times.

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We not only provide very affordable privacy protection services, we save you money by protecting your info from online fraud. With your private information off the internet, you lower your chance to be victim of online fraud.


One by one, we remove your info from each data broker service we cover. Once done, we track them to make sure your private information won't pop up again!


We manage all the brokers ourselves and provide you a report in a form of list of brokers and your status at each of them. We do hard park and provide you with easy to read reports online.


With our cutting-edge technology, we track all the information live and provide a fast and reliable personal information removal service.


We create data maps to track new data broker before they become big in order to protect your information.


We're always open for discussions and custom plans for enterprises, families and those in need.

We delete personal information

We check on every data broker we know to find out if they have your information publicly available and contact them to remove your personal information from internet.

Once your information is removed, there is about 25% chance that it would pop up again within next six months, because same data brokers can purchase your information from other source. That is why we constantly track same and new brokers to make sure your information doesn't appear online again.

Chance your information won't appear online again

Within six months 77%
Within twelve months 61%
Within two years 29%
Five years 11%

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I have been a Checklify client for last 3 months and can express how happy I am. They were able to remove my name from internet! I don't receive tons of spam mail anymore!

I came here, because I didn't know how to remove my information from the internet. Thanks to Checklify my ex can't stopped following me and my kids! I finally can live peaceful life!

I happen to a target of credit card fraud and I can see how - all my personal information was widely available on internet so whoever stole my card was able to pass all security verification and use my money for fraud purchases. Bank recommended to remove personal information to avoid same issue in the future. Now you can't find any of my info online, thanks to Checklify!

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We exist and work only to provide top customer service. Online privacy is big topic and brings a lot of questions to the table.

In case you have some questions or need some help, please, don't hesitate to contact us! We're here for You!