3 reasons why personal information protection matters.

About a month ago we were giving a privacy consultation lecture at the local trade fair and one person had a question about why it’s so important to protect your personal information online. This is a quite interesting and important question because most of us don’t realize why it really matters.

Today we will cover 3 the most important reasons why it matters to keep your private information out of the data brokers.

  1. Data brokers make money by selling this information. They don’t care who would be using this info later on, hr agency or some hackers.
  2. Information brokers have, might not be correct, which can cost your new job or some opportunity. Once this data gets sold several times, the entire world is misinformed about your identity. Some hr agencies are using this data to build up candidates profile prior to hiring.
  3. Information that data brokers get about your persona in most of the cases is sufficient to answer tricky questions in order to apply for credit card, send an online wire and etc. With this information in hands of hackers, you have no other way to protect yourself from online fraud.

In the case of online privacy it’s always better to keep eggs in one basket, and that basket has to be covered, protected and guarded day and night. Everything is good when everything is good, but when something goes out of control, the last thing you don’t want is to have your identity exposed to the entire world.

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