Can you see a light at the end of online privacy tunnel?

Light? Online privacy? Sorry, nope, haven’t heard of it.

Now let’s get real. Online privacy is at the age of cavemen. Currently, the law doesn’t penalize data brokers to have personal information publicly available. Tons of money is poured to keep it the way it is. To be completely honest in some cases it’s actually good for the economy, so don’t expect it to change. As for the dark side of the data exposure(hackers, harassers, carders , thieves usage), it seems not as much important, especially considering how much money backs charge for anti-fraud protection(you might think they don’t until you realize that in the end, it’s not the bank who cover the loss).

The bottom line is this. Don’t expect the government to fix this all and think twice every time you fill out a form online. Also, consider online removal services like ours or track your personal information yourself, in either case, we wish you to be safe.

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